Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Plant in my Day

I try to smile at everyone. I figure it is a small gesture that will go along way. When possible, I always try to ask how are you today just to let them know that someone really wants to know. Everyone always responds the same way to that question... they are always good or fine or great! (I know they are a bunch of liars, but that is another topic for another day) Well yesterday was different. Everyday at school I go through the lunch line like everyone else. I always say, "Hey, how are you today?" to whichever lady is there. I say, "thank you" when they hand me my tray and go on about my day.
One thing I have learned through my years of teaching is that you can tick off the principal and be better off than if you make the custodian, cafeteria workers or secretary mad! So I am always nice. It is a genuine nice. I am not doing it for those reasons. I want to be nice to everyone. Make their day a little brighter. Makes me feel good about being kind.
Ok back to the story! So there is one little lady that I almost look for everyday. She is soft spoken. She has kind eyes and always smiles back at me. She is African American, a little shorter than me, maybe a little older and packs a wisdom like you wouldn't believe. Yesterday, I was having a bad day personally. The school day was good, but I was sad. I was so excited to see my favorite cafeteria worker right as I walked in the door. As soon as she asked me if I was eating today, I smiled and said yes. I asked her how she was doing and her response blew me away. She said I'm good. Then she studied my face for a minute as I smiled at her. She then began to speak words that are still ringing in my ear this morning. She said, "you have Jesus in your heart. I knew it the first day I saw you. Not everybody around here do. You can tell by the way they act. I'm a child of God too and I know. The Bible says you better be kind to those children of God. Not everybody is you know. ewww they best not mess with a child of God! You understand what I am saying? The Lord has us planted everywhere in different parts for a purpose and I believe that." I was grinning from ear to ear. Did she really just say that she saw Jesus in me the FIRST time she saw me?! Oh, Lord let it be true! I loved her addition, too... letting me know that those that mess with a child of God will regret it! I began to tell her how she absolutely made my day! That was the best compliment I ever receive! I also nodded in agreement with her about the whole don't mess with God's children idea. As she walked away I told her that I loved her wisdom. She smiled and I smiled back. But the thing that stung in my spirit was her words about purpose. My prayer today is that God use me for His purpose and glory every where I go!
The Lord planted her in my day to speak wisdom, truth and life into my sad spirit! Look for your plant today. Not plant like a green one, but like someone who has been put there for a purpose!