Monday, January 24, 2011

Be careful little ears...

When I was younger, I remember a song O be careful little eyes. I loved that song and thought it was so much fun to sing. As I continue to age, I realize how much truth is in this song and lately have an increasing urge to sing it to our young people. There is so much deception in our world today. Don't think it all looks like the devil! Oh no dear ones, the devil can use things that sound good to lead you astray. The obvious sex, drugs and rock and roll are easy to spot bad guys, but there are other bad guys that they themselves do not know that they are bad guys. Satan is the great deceiver and believe this... he knows the scripture like the back of his hand! He can take a verse and use it out of context to lead you astray. That is why it is SO important for you to study God's word for yourself and not rely on someone else studying it for you. My first line in most of my teachings is look it up, check out what I teach and if it doesn't line up call me on it. This practice should apply to everyone that teaches the Bible. We are human. We make mistakes. The slightest slip of our tongue can lead others astray. It is why the Lord says that He will hold us accountable for what we teach.
There are many charismatic and feel good teachers more than willing to tickle your ears with exciting and sweet words. They tell you what you want to hear or what they think sounds good. Check them out. See if their word truly lines up with God's word and if it doesn't then stop listening to them! If you really believe they are men or women of God, take time to correct them in love. A true word from the Lord can be sweet and exciting of its own merit and not being sensationalized by man.

Guys, doctrine is simply teachings or beliefs and religion is a body of persons adhering to a particular set of beliefs. That is not from the devil!It can be perverted by man, but in and of itself is not wrong. You have a doctrine and religion even if you don't go to church or you go to a different church. Legalism is from the devil. Perverting God's Word is from the devil, but if you don't have beliefs and adhere to them then, as Bro. David said about his glasses, you are as lost as a ball in high weeds! Your doctrine needs to be based solely on the Bible and your religion needs to be serving God! If we were more religious about serving God through serving others, this world would be a much different place.
Just be careful little eyes what you see and be careful little ears what you hear. Mama always said that the devil will feed you a little lie with a lot of truth. Beware of the little lies mixed with truth...
Much Love!

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