Monday, May 3, 2010

10 things that are great about being a military wife

This is a tough one, but I think I can do it....
1. Pride in my hubby... I am so proud that he not only willingly sacrifices for our country, but he loves doing it!
2. Love meeting new people... I love the instant connection with other military wives. I was wearing my Army wife T just the other day. I was on an elevator and another wife struck up a conversation about Army Reserve life! It was great! We prayed for one another and I felt so blessed to be a part of this family!
3. Enjoy travel discounts... love Disney and Sea World discounts along with many other destination discounts!
4. PX/Commissary... If I am close to a post or he is mobilized on a stateside post, I love to visit the different px/bx to see what's new.
5. Sense of community... No matter how far apart we all are, we somehow feel a great sense of community. You can see it in the support for each others posts alone. It is great to know no matter what city you are in there will be a sister close by... you just need to look for them!
6. Opportunity for ministry... there are hurting people everywhere you go, but as a military wife we can minister to one another in a way even our closest civilian friend never could!
7. Opportunity to see new places... even in the reserves there are such opportunities to go places you would probably never go on your own. We were invited to an awards banquet at St. Simon's Island in Georgia. We would have never just up and went on vacation there, but we had a wonderful 3 day weekend there we will never forget.
8. Time... time apart is not a good thing, but the time he returns is so precious. The funny thing is that he has to go away in order to have those close times when he returns. I hate when he leaves, but it is all worth it when he returns.
9. Family Strength... When my hubby was deployed, the kids really had the opportunity to pull together and show how strong we can be together. The great thing is that it continued after he returned and we grow closer and stronger in the Lord everyday!
10. Car tag... this may seem silly and it is not the discount that I love... its the opportunity to let the world know I am proud of my hubby!


  1. Great list!

    thank you for sharing and I hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. Really great list. I'm in agreement with you esp. on #6. It's my heart too.

  3. Great list, I love number 10! haha I have a car sticker too! :)

  4. Good list, I am so excited to have met other military wives

  5. Love your list! Travel is one thing I love most too :D